ABSC Inc.’s Gala Night: a beacon for business brilliance in issue 5 of EKONOMOS

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Sydney’s Le Montage Reception Centre in Lilyfield recently served as the grand stage for the Australian Business Summit Council Inc.’s (ABSC Inc.) annual Media Conference and Dinner, marking a celebration of the much-anticipated fifth issue of EKONOMOS, the council’s flagship business affairs magazine. On the evening of 7 March 2024, over 100 distinguished guests and VIPs convened under the ornate marquee room’s chandeliers to herald a significant event in the Australian business community’s calendar.

Emanating a spirit of excellence and camaraderie, the event brought together a who’s who of diplomatic and business leadership. Dr Frank Alafaci PhD, helming ABSC Inc. for the fifth year, greeted a formidable assembly, including ambassadors from Turkiye, Zimbabwe, Greece, and several other nations, along with Australian business and community leaders. This gathering underscored the council’s commitment to fostering robust business networks and facilitating pivotal discussions on global economic trends.

Founded on the principles of promoting genuine Australian business rights and fostering entrepreneurial spirit both locally and globally, ABSC Inc. has consistently aimed to serve as a conduit for informed policy dialogue and sustainable economic practices. The publication of EKONOMOS stands at the heart of this mission, offering readers insightful analyses on a plethora of topics critical to understanding the dynamics of global and domestic economic landscapes.

Issue 5 of EKONOMOS is poised to deliver a compendium of articles authored by an impressive roster of contributors, spanning diplomats to leading business figures, each providing unique perspectives on finance, trade, investment, and international relations. This rich diversity of voices promises to equip its readership with a comprehensive view of the current economic environment and the forces shaping it.

The evening’s proceedings were punctuated with keynote addresses from esteemed guests such as the Ambassadors of Turkiye and Zimbabwe, the CEO of Arab Bank Australia Ltd, and the Leader of the NSW Opposition, shedding light on various facets of business, trade, and investment. An interactive Q&A session further catalysed meaningful exchanges between the panelists and the audience, embodying the event’s ethos of stimulating dialogue and knowledge sharing.

A highlight of the night was the special guest address by Hon. Ms. Stephanie Di Pasqua MP, who lauded Dr. Alafaci’s unwavering dedication to promoting Australian business interests and fostering economic ties with the global community, a commendation materialised through a Community Service award.

As the evening drew to a close, Dr. Alafaci extended heartfelt gratitude towards the Council’s Board of Directors, the sponsors of EKONOMOS, and notably, Mrs. Sylvia Alafaci for her instrumental role in orchestrating the event. This acknowledgment served not only as a testament to the collective efforts behind the successful evening but also as a reflection of the vibrant community that ABSC Inc. continues to build and nurture.

The annual Media Conference and Dinner, beyond its ceremonial allure, stands as a testament to ABSC Inc.’s enduring vision of fostering a prosperous and interconnected business community. With the launch of EKONOMOS Issue 5, the council once again positions itself at the forefront of championing informed discourse and collaboration across the global and Australian business landscapes, promising to enlighten, inspire, and engage its diverse readership.

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