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Who's Who of Adelaide's & Melbourne's Indian Community 2018
Barinderjeet Kaur

Barinderjeet Kaur | Entrepreneur

Armed with a Master’s and MPhil in Psychology, Barinderjet Kaur found it easy to make the transition into the Australian way of life, when she moved here in 2005, after her marriage to Sukhmeet Singh Ahuja. “I believe everyone is born with a potential to shine, however it’s just a matter of unlocking that hidden potential, so they can experience more joy, inner peace, fulfilment, and deeper relationships with others and themselves.”

To take her vision a step further, Barinderjeet founded “Empower your Destiny” in 2017, so she could help her clients realise their inner potential and value themselves (build connection with their core). She has also started the Mission Humanity charity with her husband.

“The single most successful strategy for growth is serving my clients from heart. I see my growth in my client’s growth,” says Barinderjeet, who adds that she is inspired by behavioural specialist Dr John Demartini. “He has inspired me in many ways, from personal to professional journey. His knowledge on human behaviour is remarkably vast and exceptionally outstanding, which has inspired me to do extraordinary things in my life,” she says.

“My goal as an entrepreneur is to bring a change in society so everyone can experience inner peace, real happiness, healthy lifestyle, positive mind-set, strong relationships, incredible wealth, tremendous courage and phenomenal success.”

The way I see it

I invest in… my business and real estate

My advice to entrepreneurs… Knowing and discovering your self-worth is the key to ultimate success

Retirement… Entrepreneurs don’t get excited with the word retirement as they love what they do, and because of that they don’t feel they will ever retire

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