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Who's Who of Adelaide's & Melbourne's Indian Community 2018
Manu Salaria

Manu Salaria | Entrepreneur

It was the fear of being broke, says Manu Salaria, which spurred him on to never let an opportunity pass him by. The Pharmacy graduate, who had worked in India as a medical rep for eight years, arrived on Australian shores in 2008, and took up a job as a cleaner to earn his living. “But Australia, as you know, is a land of vast opportunities,” says Manu, who worked various jobs from truck driver for rubbish collection to taxi driver, before he decided to study finance.

He then got the opportunity to work with one of the largest building companies as a building consultant. After gaining experience in the building industry for about 4 years and studying Cert 1V in construction, Manu launched his own company, becoming the founder-CEO of TRV Homes in 2013.

After celebrating his fifth year in the business, he co-founded property development company Global Constructions in 2018. Manu is also the founder and CEO of Manta Kitchens which specialises in import of kitchen/joinery and building material He is also co-founder of SA investment and property development which specialises in property development and investment.

To describe Manu Salaria briefly—entrepreneur with his own license as builder, developer, building supervisor, loan consultant/broker.

“As a migrant I was a little unsettled when I came here. But it also made me work harder, learn faster and embrace risks. It was that attitude that helped me get ahead,” he says.

The way I see it

Single most important moment in my career… When obstacles arise in business/career, we change our direction to reach our goal, we don’t change our decisions to get there

Growth… Begins at the end of one’s comfort zone

Business mantra… I never dreamed about success, I worked for it

Advice to entrepreneurs… Chase the vision, not the money

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