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Who's Who of Adelaide's & Melbourne's Indian Community 2018
Naveesh Sharma

Naveesh Sharma | Entrepreneur

I’m proud to be an Indian Australian entrepreneur, says Naveesh Sharma. “Not only am I representing my cultural values and upbringing, I am also breaking stereotypes.”

Naveesh, a civil engineer specialising in geotechnical engineering and engineering geology, arrived in Australia in July of 2009, and began working as an in-house engineer for a builder in a small country town in Port Lincoln. He was also a tutor at the University of New South Wales, teaching ‘Engineering Construction’ and ‘Applied Geotechnics’ to a class of 40 students.

In 2014, Naveesh became the co-founder and creative director of the Investpro Group, where he is responsible for brand development including PR, marketing, event organisation, promotion, and maintaining online presence via social media. My business partner and co-founder of Investpro, Shawn Collett, is responsible for handling clients looking to sell their homes and building property portfolios with a focus on investing funds in properties for investment.

Last year, Naveesh set up the company ‘Solution for Construction’, a civil engineering consulting firm focusing on helping builders and construction contractors with challenging paperwork, and civil engineering requirements involving project management and civil engineering design from tendering stage until the handover of the project.

The way I see it

The single most important moment in my career… The day I arrived because it meant a new start in a whole new world.

Growth… Growth isn’t defined by what you do but what people do for your business to increase revenue

Business mantra… Dream makers. Problem solvers. Cost savers

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