Eight years of IEC


No grit, no pearl, goes the saying, and these entrepreneurs from the Indian community sure know it

We all need a sense of belonging. It’s that feeling of belonging that bring communities and people together. Today, in our society, this sense of belonging is often nurtured and strengthened by media through its various forms—be it print, digital or social media.

As a media platform, we have worked over a decade towards helping the community form meaningful relationships.

From our monthly publication The Indian Sun to several of our events and activities across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, we have worked to bring the Indian community in Australia together. To give them a voice and to represent its many community organisations and leaders.

It’s only after the launch of Indian Executive Club eight years ago that we put the spotlight on small to medium business owners. Through the IEC, we established a series of media related activities bringing together our audience, clients and SMEs under one platform.

The IEC journey is a special one to us as it has given us the opportunity of sharing countless stories of hard working business owners and executives with our audience. Through live events, awards ceremonies, videos on social media, frequent interviews in The Indian Sun and updates in our weekly newsletters, we have always kept our audience in the loop on the buzz from IEC.

The stories of these entrepreneurs are in fact stories of perseverance. For a community that values entrepreneurship, these stories make great fairy tales. Who’s Who in many ways is an exclusive edition brought out by the IEC each year packaging these fascinating stories.

Now, more than ever, our sense of community is growing, and our work over the years showcasing success is definitely something we can look back and be proud of. Once again, on behalf of the team at IEC, I’m proud to present another edition of Who’s Who of Indian Community from Victoria and South Australia.

Have a great holiday season and a successful 2019!


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