Celebrate Diwali with instant money transfers

Indian Family celebrating Diwali festival with fire crackers

It’s that time of the year when festivals are just around the corner and Parikshit Sharma is busy keying in details on his laptop screen to send money to his parents back home in India.

Festivals in India reflect our rich and diversified cultural heritage and every festival in India is celebrated in a unique manner with different rituals, significance and beliefs. “We Indians love our festivals and celebrate it with full fervour. No matter which part of the world we are in, we make sure that our festive lamps are lit and the celebrations are echoed across the world. We want to ensure that we celebrate our festivals with the same zeal as we would have if we were in India,” says Parikshit.

Parikshit says that in just 3 easy steps, he could transfer money to his parents thus ensuring that the spirit of celebrations never fade. It’s not just the ease but time too is a critical factor while sending money home especially during festivals and other time bound commitments. Parikshit too had to face situations earlier when his money could not reach on time leading to unnecessary stress to him and his parents. After trying many money transfer services, he has zeroed in on Remit2India to send money to India. According to Parikshit, sending money through Remit2India comes with a host of benefits like Instant Transfers, Zero Fees and Great exchange rates. He had also received referral bonus of AUD50 on two occasions when he had referred his friends who in turn used Remit2India services.

Many NRIs like Parikshit ensure that distance does not come in the way of celebrations.

It is said that festivals bring out the best in us and adorn our surroundings with positive energy. Let’s make a promise to ourselves to keep up the festive spirit amongst us and help spread happiness this festive season.


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