A new kids festival born


Last weekened’s Macarthur Multicultural Children’s Festival featured Maori Hakka and Punjabi Bhangra

Campbelltown’s iconic Koshigaya Park was turned into a kid’s kingdom last weekend as the Macarthur Multicultural Children’s Festival was born.

From Scottish Sword Dance to Maori Hakka to Punjabi Bhangra and Columbian Salsa, centre stage exploded in a riot of cultural colour.

The new festival celebrated 20 years of cultural gatherings for children in many parts of Sydney spearheaded by the Children’s Festival Organisation led by founder Thuat Nguyen OAM.

“We believe children are a starting point in building social cohesion and therefore this festival is our best way to create harmony in our community and to make everyone feel proud to be Australian,” said Nguyen.

Festival Director Brian Laul said: “The festival opened up a connection and a dialogue between people of the different cultures that make up Macarthur’s social fabric.”

Meanwhile, Mr Greg Warren MP, State Member for Campbelltown, told the huge crowd in Koshigaya Park during the official launch of the new festival: that it provides opportunities for children and adults to join in many exciting activities that go a long way towards garnering harmony within communities.

Over 350 children from 40 community groups performed on the main stage and marched in the grand parade through the park as well as proudly sharing their culture through activity stalls. Thousands of people from the south west of Sydney flocked to the festival in the centre of Campbelltown.

On account of its success, the festival is now likely to be a fixture on the local events calendar.


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