Striving to serve palate and planet!


Poppin Papadums in Brisbane brings to the table the least processed, healthy, Indian food in the most eco-friendly way possible

They say when strong women come together with a collective intention—magic happens. And that’s what has happened at Poppin Papadums, the Indian restaurant located at Camp Hill, Brisbane (Queensland).

Poppin Papadums is a scrumptious and magical tale of love, camaraderie, passion for food and support. The all-women squad of Prerna, Jimmy, Hansha, Shatabdi and Mandy, hailing from culturally diverse cities of India, have brought their varied food cultures along with them to Australia. They have known each other for many years and are not just the best of friends but are food enthusiasts as well, sharing a common vision of a world rejoicing with fresh, toxic free, flavoursome recipes made from simplest of ingredients, bringing back authenticity to the food.

And not just that. Today, Poppin Papadums is ‘Australia’s first eco-friendly Indian restaurant’ aiming to serve the palate and the planet.

Over the years Australia has witnessed a trend of evolving Indian cuisine to cater to western taste buds. However, with more and more people indulging in a healthy food lifestyle, Prerna and Jimmy felt it was time to bring back the authentic and traditional cuisine to Australia.

Poppin Papadums brings to the table possibly the least processed, healthy, authentic, and yet fast Indian food cooked with the most flavourful, raw and aromatic spices from the land of spices. Most of the Indian spices have medicinal and nutritional properties; so, when the food is cooked using these ingredients; and eaten in balanced portions it sure does wonders.

From the very first day of opening on 11 May, they pledged to go the most carbon neutral they possibly could by using ecofriendly packaging which does absolutely no harm to the environment. At Poppin Papadums they use packaging made from the sugarcane plant, which is extremely durable, lightweight, and biodegrades in 30-90 days once exposed to composting conditions. It is an ideal alternative to traditional polystyrene meal packaging.

At Poppin Papadums, they use paper products from managed plantations; as sustainable forestry is one of the most effective means to mitigate climate change. They are only using bio-plastics made from renewable resources compared to the other conventional versions. These products save fossil resources by using biomass which regenerates (annually) and provides the unique potential of carbon neutrality.

This ideology and approach of eco-friendliness came after months of thorough research on how they could make a positive difference in the community—not just by serving good food but also serving it right, in ecofriendly manner; thus, reducing their carbon footprint.

This budding venture is receiving rave reviews every day for the concept and their fresh and delicious Indian food. They are elated to receive such amazing response and support from the local community. These women visionaries are looking forward to initiating many more small but impactful ideas in their restaurant.

Contact Number 07 3161 6356; Follow them on: Facebook: @PoppinPapadums; Instagram: @Poppin_Papadums; Twitter: @PoppinPapadums; Website:


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