Bernie Finn: Guy’s $30 bn ‘Triple Bypass Plan’ a ‘real’ solution

Bernie Finn MLC with Mrs Pallavee Joshi

Shadow Assistant Minister for Melbourne’s West Mr Bernie Finn MLC thinks that Liberal leader Matthew Guy’s proposed ‘Thirty Billion Dollar Triple Bypass Plan’ is at last is a real solution to traffic congestion in Melbourne.

Agreeing with the view of Mr Bernie Finn is Ms Pallavee Joshi of Joshi Lawyers. Ms Joshi who lives and works in the Melbourne’s Western suburbs, also thinks that Guy’s 30 billion super highway of road and tunnels network would help in easing traffic congestion, especially in the West.

The Victorian Coalition has vowed to spend $30 billion on East West Link and two other toll roads for Melbourne if it wins power in November. Opposition leader Mr Matthew Guy recently announced a redesigned East West Link would be built beneath Melbourne by a Victorian Coalition government.

If elected in November, he vowed building would begin on East West Link and a North East Link by 2021.

Mr Guy revealed the party was looking at two possible routes for East West Link, one of which would stretch underground from the Eastern Freeway to the West Gate Tunnel in West Melbourne.

He also pledged to finish Labor’s West Gate Tunnel, creating a triple bypass of toll roads that would allow motorists to drive from Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs to Geelong without hitting a single traffic light.

Mr Guy said the city’s growth was fast outpacing its infrastructure. “It’s not about roads or public transport. Melbourne’s growth means we need to do both,” he said.

“Melbourne is dead on its feet. Congestion in this city is like it’s never been before… and I support the concept of de-centralisation. We’ve got to grow the whole state, not just Melbourne,” added Mr Guy.


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