‘Confidence and extra-ordinary service’

Kazi Rahman

Kazi Rahman of Sunshine Harvey Norman Flooring on how he stays a step ahead of the rest

With parents in the public service sector, Kazi Rahman knew he was entering a whole new world when he decided to turn entrepreneur. He was in his mid-30s, but knew that he needed to capitalise on his opportunities. And that’s what he did when he decided to dive into the retail sector and launch Harvey Norman Flooring in Sunshine, west of Melbourne. “It’s still growing, and I’m loving every moment,” says Rahman.

Of course, like with every business there are challenges, especially in terms of handling a shop front in the digital age, but Rahman says he manages to keep ahead of the competition. “I use the oldest strategy in the world—customer service. Our biggest challenge is to make customers understand the value of our products. But we manage to do that and stay ahead of the game,” says Rahman.

He adds that he offers value for money products that cater to all types of customer, from builders to high end customers. “Our prices are competitive and reasonable but the bonus is we do it with confidence and extra ordinary service. To me that’s the right kind of flooring,” says Rahman. “My advice to customers is to not make the purchase complicated,” he adds. Rahman suggest doing one’s research because flooring is something the average householder replaces only once in 7 to 10 years.

“That’s where Harvey Norman comes in. We are the best brand in the country at the moment. We offer exclusivity, guarantee the best service not only during the sales process but after sales which is very important specially for any flooring,” says Rahman, who is also studying law, hoping it will allow him to get into international trade and related avenues such as the export-import and government sectors. “But I am hoping that the degree will also allow me to give back to society, make a difference,” adds Rahman, who also sponsors the education of a few children in Bangladesh.

Melbourne and Me

The other side to Rahman
  • Melbourne is the best, but… the best thing about Melbourne is it is not crowded
  • I don’t get much free time, but when I do… I like to eat out as I can’t cook
  • I love January… because of tennis
  • I am hooked to… David Letterman’s interview show on Netflix


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