Lean In for support in a new world, says not for profit


In January of 2017, six women got together to create an organisation that would help newly migrant women adjust and thrive in their new surrounds. Lean In Inc, the not for profit organisation, started by Sue Advani, Urvashi Arora, Gauri Ahuja, Sunaina Gowan, Kiran Jassal and Ekta Nankani, has over the past year helped women thrive in Australia, build connections and networks as well as gain employability skills

This year the organisation has started a series of workshops to support the growing multicultural population of Sydney as more and more people are calling Australia home. Their Settlement Pathways program for Newly Arrived Migrant Women for instance, was held over three Saturdays, workshops that were well attended with over 30 participants. Speakers talked to the women about how to start a business as well as understand diversity and culture. The participants were also inspired by other migrant women who talked about their journey in Australia and their paths to success.

The workshops were supported by Clubs NSW as well as Central Innovations Recruitment, Navitas, Onroad Driving School, Afea Care Services, Sherief Razzaque, Finance and Mortgage Solutions, Migrate for Success, Gandhi Creations, Freedman and Gopalan Solicitors, Westpac Bank, MTC Australia, PKM Tax Professionals and Margaret Piper and Associates. With the incredibly positive feedback from participants, Lean In Inc plans to conduct similar workshops son.


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