Indian Australian Manjit Singh honoured by Australian Red Cross

Indian Australian Manjit Singh honoured by Australian Red Cross

Gets Victorian Influencer Award for organising blood donation drives over ten years

For his ongoing efforts as group coordinator in the Australian branch of the Sant Nirankari Mission, Manjit Singh was honoured with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service Red25 Victorian Influencer Award at a ceremony held in Melbourne CBD on 15 February.

Indian Australian Manjit has demonstrated a strong commitment to spreading ‘the Red25 Group Donation movement’ engaging people and increasing donations within their community group through creative and innovative strategies, said a statement from the organisation.

Among his achievements, Manjit has developed an innovative way to promote Red25 and blood donation within their organisation or community group, has organised regular promotional activities that have seen an increase in new donors and/or donations. He has also mastered the use of social media in garnering blood donation participation.

SNM has been organising two blood drives per year for the past 10 years. Despite his full-time job Manjit manages to organise hundreds of people as well as enlists the support of local councils, multi-cultural ministers and Indian publications. Manjit has a team of coordinators who are well supervised by Sunny Duggal and DK Tuli to help with the collection of information/enrolment forms and completing the group booking form. These helpers also assist on the day of the donation with locating donors, assisting the CSO with names and keeping a tally of activities.

Indian Australian Manjit Singh honoured by Australian Red Cross

SNM is a leading organisation in the area of blood donation in India and abroad. The Mission runs 4 hospitals and 134 dispensaries on a charitable basis in India. His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji started the voluntary blood donation movement in 1986 as a tribute to uphold ideals of truth, peace, tolerance, and non-violence with the motto that “human blood should flow in veins, and not in drains”.

SNM has organised 5,046 blood donation camps since 1986 and more than 8,69,000 blood units have been donated up 31 March 2017. The SNM April blood drive is part of its global ‘Human Unity Day’ mission with blood drives occurring at the same time across the globe.


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