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Indian Australian Sangeetha Singh takes the crown after a career reboot 

Dream big and keep taking baby steps towards making your dream a reality, says Sangeetha Singh. It’s how this IT professional has programmed her life. “You never know, rebooting your life to follow your dream might be the best thing you could do with your life,” she adds.

Sangeetha moved to Australia from India in 2010. Much to everyone’s amazement, Sangeetha decided to get into modelling when her son was two years old. “I wanted to do something different from my day job in IT. I decided to get a portfolio done. I didn’t imagine it would get me this far,” she says.

Sangeetha holds three beauty pageant titles—Mrs Earth Australia 2018, Mrs Continents Australia 2017 and Mrs Australia Planet 2015. She represented Australia in international pageants in Bulgaria and Las Vegas.

She is slated to represent Australia in the International Ms/Mrs Earth pageant in Las Vegas again, later this year as well. “I have also been doing various gigs in the fashion industry including pageants, modelling runways, fashion editorials, movies and TV commercials (Virgin Australia TVC),” says Sangeetha, who has settled into her new life in Australia, with husband Rishabh and 11-year old son Shourya giving her their full support.

Sangeetha has been associated with multiple charity organisations like HeartKids, Make-a-Wish Australia, Starlight, Cancer Council and Foodbank. However she says the one that is closest to her heart is the TealWingsofHope charity that works on patient support programs for ladies affected with ovarian cancer. She is involved in running ovarian cancer awareness workshops.

In her spare time, Sangeetha enjoys playing Djeme (African drums). The new addition to her family, a golden retriever named ‘Laila’, also keeps her on her toes, she says. “I try to do something different every year and that makes life exciting,” says Sangeetha.


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