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Who's Who of Melbourne's Indian Community 2017
Vijay Raj

Vijay Raj—Entrepreneur

Ambitious, intelligent and incredibly hard working, at work Vijay Raj is known for his attention to detail. Also, his willingness to take on difficult projects and see them to successful completion impresses those who work with him.

As Director and Founder of La Verne Capital Pty Ltd, well-known financial planners and investment advisers, Raj has been instrumental in all ventures of the organisation. Raj leads multiple teams including marketing, client acquisition, advisor acquisition and support.

A different side

I believe: Life is good… as always

What I love about Australia: A beautiful multicultural country, beautiful beaches and beautiful bush-walks

What I love about India: The warmth of the people

Favourite hang-out in Melbourne: Chappel Street, Prahran

My advice to entrepreneurs: Life is Good, do what you love most

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