Why sitting tall makes you happy

Kusal Goonewardena
Kusal Goonewardena

Kusal Goonewardena’s got your back like no one else.

For close to two decades, Kusal Goonewardena has worked with athletes and teams, travelling around the world, delivering the most up to date techniques to prevent injury, provide rapid recovery if injured, enhance performance and win.

Currently the head of sports medicine at the University of Melbourne sports program and its elite athlete program, in 2010 he released the eBook, Rid Your Back Pain in 21 Days or Less. “Around 90 per cent of the problems I treat have underlying postural issues,” says Goonewardena, who adds that certain exercises can help correct posture.

“Slouched shoulders and a forward slump are indicative of a bad posture. Besides looking bad, it also increases the stress hormone, cortisol. An ‘open’ posture on the other hand (standing and sitting tall with your shoulders back) decreases cortisol levels and increases adrenaline, leading people to feeling happier,” he adds.


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