Splash of colour to curb vandalism

Image of person with mobile phone spray painted on Port Macquarie Telstra building. Photo: ABC News

Telstra exchange building in Werribee, a regular target for graffiti, gets a facelift with new mural

A dull and ordinary building has been transformed with a bright new facelift, thanks to a joint venture between Wyndham City and Telstra.

The Telstra exchange building on Market Rd in Werribee, which normally sports dull brown brick walls and is a regular target for graffiti, has been given a splash of colour. Wyndham City’s Safer Communities portfolio holder, Cr Kim McAliney, said as well as uplifting the area, it was hoped that the mural would deter vandals from tagging in the future.

“Graffiti vandalism not only affects the visual appearance of neighbourhoods and influences perceptions of public safety, it is also costly for communities and property owners to remove and prevent,” Cr McAliney said, adding that Council removes over 45,000 square meters of graffiti from private and public property within Wyndham at a cost of over $600,000 each year.

“We know it’s not possible to completely eliminate unsightly graffiti, but we are committed to continuously reducing the amount of it and its negative impacts throughout Wyndham. This mural will hopefully mean that less people in this area will have to look at illegal graffiti every day,” Cr McAliney said.

Telstra Area General Manager for Western and Northern Victoria, Steve Tinker welcomed the completion of the mural. “I am pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with Wyndham City Council on future anti-graffiti projects such as this,” Mr Tinker said.

Graffiti should be reported as soon as possible by calling 8734 2709 and following the prompts, or emailing graffiti@wyndham.vic.gov.au. Free Graffiti removal kits are also available to Wyndham residents and can be collected from the Wyndham City Depot, 241-253 Old Geelong, Hoppers Crossing. If you see someone in the act of vandalism please call 000 immediately.


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