Wyndham city partners with property developers for litter-free sites

Building site litter has been continually reported throughout Wyndham. [Generic image used for representational purpose only]

An innovative partnership between Wyndham City and leading property developers to help eliminate litter on building sites has been so successful it will now be expanded. The Building a Cleaner Wyndham project, funded by Sustainability Victoria’s Litter Innovation Fund, was initially run as a six-week trial in Point Cook.

Wyndham City’s Environment and Sustainability portfolio holder, Cr Heather Marcus, said the initiative was developed in an effort to tackle litter on building sites.

“In September we launched the Building a Cleaner Wyndham project. The trial was a Victorian-first which saw builders agree to contain rubbish, undertake regular litter sweeps and dispose of rubbish properly,” Cr Marcus said, adding that the six-week trial has since proven to be a major success, with a 60 per cent drop in litter recorded at Wolfdene’s Saratoga estate in Point Cook.

“Following this early success, we are now working with developer Lendlease and seven building companies to launch another six-week trial at the Harpley estate in Werribee,” she said.

Cr Marcus said the success of the first trial showed the potential for the project to be adopted in other municipalities. “Litter from building sites is damaging to our local environment and can end up in waterways, creeks and grasslands. It is also an eyesore that frustrates many residents. By working directly with developers, we can make a real impact on the litter created by building sites,” she added.

If this trial continues to be successful, the Council would like to see it adopted as a model for the building industry and other Councils. The second Building a Cleaner Wyndham trial will run from early November to December.

For more information visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au.


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