The IEC awards are here again!

By Our Reporter

The seventh edition of the Indian Executive Club Awards will take place at Sofitel in Melbourne on 18 November, and like every year, it is an exciting time here at The Indian Sun, as these awards recognise and honour achievers from the Indian Diaspora, who have made their mark in the community.

This year’s keynote speaker is OLX India founder Amarjit Singh Batra, who will speaking on how he build OLX, India’s leading market place.

Batra, who entered the internet marketplace at the turn of the millennium, has ridden the internet wave through its boom, bust, and re-bloom, always believing in his mission, never giving up on his cause. Batra has risen from an employee who worked from home to CEO through the right strategies and the right learning, and says it was Steve Jobs commencement speech for the 114th graduating class at Stanford University, in which he said “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”, that inspired his path to success. “I listened to this speech more than ten times. My challenge every day is to be hungry, to do more. Staying foolish comes from never allowing yourself to settle with a feeling that you have mastered it all and are now certain about things,” says Batra.

I believe he is the perfect source of inspiration for all our IEC finalists.

The Indian Executive Club’s sixth edition of the Who’s Who will also be unveiled at the Awards. Australia founder of Gloria Jeans, Peter Irvine, will launch the new edition featuring some of the most prominent businesses in the community.

October was also exciting as Sydney hosted the XI World Polo Championship at the Sydney Polo Club grounds in Richmond between 21 October and 29 October. Eight top Polo playing countries of the world, Argentina, Australia, Chile, England, Spain, India, New Zealand and USA vied for the coveted cup.

An exciting championship and an even more exciting edition this month.


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