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After 22 years in IT, Seema Sahni decided to follow her true calling—interior design. As far as passion goes, this is it, she says
Seema Sahni

After 22 years in IT, Seema Sahni decided to follow her true calling—interior design. As far as passion goes, this is it, she says

A home is where the heart is. There are small nuances and tiny touches that change a house to a home; where the walls don’t close upon you but open numerous possibilities. The items you decorate your home with define you as a person because your home reflects who you are.

Some of us are natural decorators and could transform our homes with a bit of guidance or even a small nudge in the right direction. This is where Seema Sahni and the Interior Designer come in.

The Interior Designer has been the culmination Seema’s life-long passion for interior design. After working as an IT professional in the corporate arena for over 22 years, Seema decided to succumb to the ‘calling’. A person with passion and determination, Seema’s love for interior designing is very evident in every nook and corner of her beautiful home. She has deep knowledge and understanding of the subject and is a fine person to turn to for advice and guidance.

“I’ve always had a flair for style and an eye for elegant unique pieces for our home. I also have a default affiliation which is very natural on position things correctly and my colour sense was always appreciated by people around me,” says Seema. The Interior Designer offers a unique service of styled furniture and homeware packages to completely decorate and furnish your home. Customers can shop by room, style or product. The team is committed to offering the most luxurious high-quality furnishings for that special room.

The Interior Designer showcases five major styles as Seema believes that these styles “bring together current trends along with a sense of style that will allow anyone to turn their house into a luxurious home”. The styles currently on display in the online boutique are Modern Luxury, Hollywood Glamour, Hamptons and Coastal, Scandinavian and French Provincial, of which Seema says, the first is her favourite style. “Modern luxury is an interior design choice that provokes inspiration while keeping in line with current trends and styles to create a space that celebrates architecture and interior design,” Seema explains. “This style can embrace within its fold many basic design elements to achieve a modern luxury style within your home.”

Seema says that styling one’s home is a very personal choice. What is good for the goose may not always be good for the gander. However, it is not necessary for the same style to run through the entire home as long as each room has a complete look, she explains. According to Seema, one can have a French provincial style in the bedroom, a modern luxury style in the living room, a Hollywood style in the theatre room and a Scandinavian home office. Elaborating on styles that complement each other, Seema advises that Modern and Contemporary are two styles frequently used interchangeably. Contemporary is different from modern because it describes design based on the here and now. “The primary difference separating modern and contemporary design style is that modern is a strict interpretation of design that started in the 20th century. Contemporary on the other hand, is more fluid and can represent a sense of currency with less adherence to one particular style,” she says.

Seema’s top tips to restyling a home

Get the layout right

The starting point for any kind of change in your home should be the layout and the way your space functions. Spend time looking at how you use your home and the way you move around the space.

Be Practical

A well designed home is one that makes things easy for you, so it pays off to plan room for those areas and a clever design might enable you to maximise the space you have.

Define your budget

Before you start, it’s important to set your budget. Prioritise your essential needs, and use that as a starting point on a timeline towards the final finished product.

Decide on a theme

The overall theme should reflect your lifestyle, your personality and the type of emotive response you’d like to feel when you’re in your home.

Colour palettes

Selecting a colour palette requires choosing complementary colours to enhance your overall concept. Colour pulls your entire look together and it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways of restyling your home. Think carefully about the mood you’d like to inspire within your spaces.

Lighting your home

Lighting can change the mood and the focal points of each room. Changing window coverings can be a simple solution for taking advantage of morning or afternoon sunlight, or adding table lamps adds cosiness and warmth to a sitting room or bedroom.

Consider space and positioning

Depending on the space available to you, study how you can rearrange or restyle your furniture and accessories. Leave adequate room to move around and make sure your design incorporates storage solutions, to remove any clutter that may detract from the overall aesthetic. This is also a fantastic opportunity to clean up and throw away any unnecessary items.

Make use of accessories

Accessories can give your home an instant facelift and tie your design theme together. Either purchase new or rearrange existing pieces to best suit your design. Don’t hang on to a piece that just doesn’t fit.

Be bold

Personality is what makes a space great. Make your own statement and have fun. The more you try, the more you will begin to see what works and what doesn’t. Go with something personal that makes you smile and, above all, is comfortable.

When you invite someone into your home, you want them to feel comfortable regardless of what style you have adopted to design and decorate your home. An experienced stylist can take the hard work out of giving your home the makeover you’ve been dreaming of, and provide an array of styling options to suit your lifestyle.

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