Not Just for Honeymooners—Millennials and Babyboomers Take On Tahiti

Not Just for Honeymooners—Millennials and Babyboomers Take On Tahiti
Ellie and Lauren Bullen with a Moorea Ray. Photo: @elsas_wholesomelife |
Jospephs Gate

Air Tahiti Nui is targeting its latest airfare deal at millennials and babyboomers wanting to travel to the Islands of Tahiti their way, with return economy flights from Australia priced from $1219 until 30 November.

No longer just the ultimate honeymoon destination, Tahiti’s latest visitor figures show that babyboomers and millennials account for the lion’s share of visitors to the islands.

Not Just for Honeymooners—Millennials and Babyboomers Take On Tahiti
Ellie Bullen at Vanira Lodge Tahiti. Photo: @elsas_wholesomelife |

In the first five months of the year, young travellers (15-34) and those aged around the babyboomer bracket (55-74) each accounted for around a third of visitors to the Islands of Tahiti. Meanwhile May saw a 26 per cent year-on-year increase among 15 to 24-year-old travellers.

While the destination’s overwater bungalows are still a big drawcard for couples, Air Tahiti Nui Regional Manager Australia New Zealand Alan Roman said the freedom and value afforded by rental homes and family-run pensions was attracting different markets to the Islands.

“Tahiti is an incredibly diverse destination, combining stunning natural beauty with a year-round tropical climate, an ancient culture and myriad activities on land and at sea. What we’re seeing is groups of friends hire out homes and rent a car so they can see the islands DIY-style, as well as babyboomers totally immersing in the destination at rustic B&B type accommodation,” Mr Roman said.

“Young Aussie travellers are also realising that the ultimate getaway is closer than they think with Tahiti only a hop and a skip across the Pacific, about the same travel time as other millennial hot spots such as Hawaii and Thailand,” he added.

Holidaymakers keen to try Tahiti DIY-style can book their flight at and search for a rental home on


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