Khushbu offers to be “Ambassador” for Victoria’s Little India precincts


Indian actress and producer Mrs Khushbu Sundar has offered to be the ambassador for “Little India” precincts in Victoria.

“I’m happy to help the small businesses of Australian Indian community with additional profiling and exposure,” said Khushbu while visiting the marginal seat of Cranbourne Friday morning, and interacting with members of Indian community over there.

She did not go much into details about where the best location would be for building and developing these Indian cultural precincts.

“I would leave that for the local Victorian authorities to work out the best locations. But with all the good intentions, I would like to help the Australian Indian community in terms of additional exposure and publicity that my involvement could bring,” she added.

Khushbu is visiting Melbourne on an invitation by former ministerial adviser Mr Nitin Gupta. She would be attending an AFL match in regional Victoria; interacting with media students at the RMIT University at a session moderated by Dr Vikrant Kishore; attending the Independence Day celebrations organised by Deakin University Indian Club; attending the official launch party of Natya Entertainment; visiting the City of Wyndham offices; attending the “India Day” celebrations in Preston organised jointly by Festivals of South Asia Inc. (FOSAI) and India Australia Exchange Forum (IAEF); and also visiting various suburbs where Indian families reside in significant numbers.

Khushbu is an actress, producer and television artist mainly known for her work in the South Indian film industries. She has acted in more than 200 movies.

She is also the “Honorary Member” and “number one ticket-holder” for Richmond Tigers FC. She is the first Indian to be given this honour by any AFL Club in Australia.

Her husband C Sundar is set to direct epic Sangamithra, which would be the most expensive Indian film ever produced with a budget of 80 million dollars.

This movie could bring potential business opportunities for Victoria as well, especially for the IT and movie graphics (VFX) related service providers from Melbourne, apart from obvious tourism benefits.

She started her career as a child artist, moved to mainstream Bollywood movies, and later moved to South India doing movies mainly in Tamil cinema, but also did several movies in Telegu, Kannada and Malayalam as well.

She is currently the National Spokesperson of Indian National Congress (INC).

Khushbu is the first Indian celebrity and film star to offer such help to Little Indias in Melbourne.

Rather than staying in the Melbourne CBD, she chose to stay at the Season 5 Resort in Point Cook suburb—as that would give her more time and chance to interact and mix with Victorian Indian community. Besides she is loving her stay at Season 5 resorts and thinks that it’s a very good venue to stay and host events.

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