Easter, E-Stir, time to steer clear?


A mumster finds the celebratory tables have turned on her

It is a privilege to share celebratory moments together with loved ones listening to music, feet tapping and hearts beating in unison, a privilege to share moments that make us feel alive, a privilege to build a sanctuary for family, friends and community. It is also a privilege to celebrate Easter.

Easter heralds the celebration of Christ’s resurrection and follows on from Lent, a period of fasting and abstinence. Families and friends join in the festivities and reflect on the hope and promise of their saviour and new beginnings. This is also a time for many controversies regarding the Easter Bunny and if parents should focus elsewhere or on the irresistible bunny.

Confession: Every year I do have sleepless nights about this!

It was easier when the kids were younger. Now I struggle with my conscience. I ask you a riddle: Why do you eat Easter eggs through the day? Answer: It will take the edge off your appetite and you will eat less.

You get my drift?

I am the mumster who buys chocolate eggs to share with my kids. The tables have now turned. The young adults laden with their righteous and health conscious habits are kill joys to my free-spirited living and eating habits. My yearly indulgence of chocolates is now visible on my enlarged girth. These days we do not celebrate with chocolates. We just sniff them and pass it along to the next member of the family. I remember when the kids were younger, quality time was cherished as they hunted high and low for the hidden eggs, a chance for me to sneak a few into the mouth unnoticed by the calorie police. Houses were turned into dump yards with paper wrappers everywhere as the kids squealed with joy opening their chocolate eggs. I am convinced the egg hunt was designed by stressed and exhausted mums wanting to get the kids and relatives out of the house so the finishing touches to the meals could be added.

Today, the scenario is different. We Blog, Twitter, Snapchat or FB everything… I mean everything! The art of conversation is dead… dead… dead.

“Do not touch that!” I hear a voice and it makes me stop in my tracks.

Seasoned eyes are focussing their Iphone and Samsungs on the food-laden table. Who could ever question the newsfeeds and e-socialising of the young adults of today? I step aside and let them capture the moment and instantly post them with deft fingers. It seems celebrations have lost their old world charms and old traditions are making way for the new.

Food is now judged by their looks and presentation. Never mind their taste. With my selective hearing switched on I can hear, “Wow, look at the vibrant combination of colours”, “perfect visual display”, “whirlpool of gravy” as they go googly-eyed over the food without tasting a morsel. We have come a long way baby!

What would mothers-in-law of the past say? “Do not touch the food with your fingers, jhootha ho jaye gah” (the food will get contaminated) with a lecture on food hygiene to follow. Mothers-in-law of the present would say “aaree did you wash your hands after you took that snap”? The food displayed on the dining table would need wide angled lens to capture the essence in the past. Today a quick stitch application will do it all for you. When we digress from the main event, I remind the young adults that we need to forget about the posts and indulge, ie, eat and appreciate the food for the taste rather than its looks. This suggestion is quickly received with a sigh. I get a scornful look as if I was the one who bungled and gave the wrong envelope at the Academy Awards. Well, she does get her drama from her mama, is all I can say.

I am not sure who said, “Come work for the Lord, the work is hard, the hours are long and the pay is low but the retirement benefits are out of this world.” My draw card—the promise of retirement benefits sees me grovelling on Easter. Let me declare at the outset, I love festivities be it during Easter, Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Eid or any other festival. Any scope of me linking up with my loved ones always finds me there with bells and whistles on. However, this wind change of looking at food and posting everything is quite a test for my taste buds. Patiently, I think of the Jewish proverb that reminds us not to ask for lighter burdens but for broader shoulders. This promises to be true as the calories make their way up from my waist and settles on my shoulders.


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