No place like home


After six weeks of travel and thought, it’s good to be back in time for one of the most beautiful seasons of the year

I love travelling and experiencing new foods and cultures, but I am equally excited to return home, especially after a long stint away. After spending six weeks in South Korea, at a meditation centre, I am so happy to once again be back in my own bedroom and my own bed.

It was a challenge—like one I hadn’t experienced before. Sleeping on a thin mat on the floor, wedged between two other women was akin to camping inside. It did take me a little while to adjust to the snoring and the food, but somewhere between week 2 and 3 things began to fall into place. Language is always a challenge, when English is not spoken (in my case), however I am an expert with body language and a smile goes a long way.


South Korea is a mix of the modern, having slowly recovered from the years of war during the 1950s and areas that have seemingly changed little from those times.

The people are warm and generous, quiet and somewhat shy, especially when someone as bold as me starts chatting to them in English. My time at the meditation centre taught me much about myself, much about my fellow human beings and how much I love Australia. This truly is “The Lucky Country”.

There’s lots happening here in Victoria, Autumn being a beautiful season, grab your car keys and go and explore this great state.

We now have our own NSW Travel guru—Shreya, who is making her debut this month and will continue to cover what’s happening further north. Welcome aboard Shreya.

Shreya has always been a travel enthusiast—solo traveler, group traveler, b&b traveler, and the lap of luxury traveler. Always on the look-out for the next great adventure Shreya loves trekking, camping, mountain climbing and river rafting. Having worked for the Luxury Hotel Group, and then the world’s largest online travel company, Shreya—who in her words, loves to ‘read, dream and travel’—will share her tips and trips with you, focusing and highlighting the best of what NSW and beyond has to offer.


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