The world in my lens

Saravanan Ravichandran

Photography allows Saravanan Ravichandran to express his feelings in ways words cannot

Since I first held a camera, I have yearned to be more than just its subject. I wanted to be the one behind it—it is where I belong and where I feel most comfortable. And that is how SR Media—Adelaide came into existence.

Photography gives me the ability to take moments that are engraved into our memory to form and share them with the world. Photos work as a catalyst to voice my self-expression in the most beautiful possible manner.

Photography found me. I have always maintained that I never sought it out, in fact I would just go with the flow. Wherever I am, I just feel the need to get out and create, so that is what I do. I float into a world that looks far beyond the horizon. And I find myself searching out beauty and finding it everywhere I look. My passion for photography has guided me all the way to find so much beauty in this world, just as I had hoped. And I am always eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to reveal to the world every tangible proof of my new adventure.


There are so many angles of photography and I admire them all. I relate to emotive close ups, showcasing patterns, experimenting with lighting, playing with depth of field and experimenting with shutter speed. This world draws me in, captivates me.

Photography carries different meanings and contexts for different people. For me, photographic art is more about the underlying compositional structure, and my subject matters support to create that structure. When I want to create art, I enjoy blurring the lines between reality as I live it and the reality I have created through my world view.

Without inspiration and passion, photography remains stagnant and flat. It needs a life force to be impactful and that life force is within you.


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