Travel through time and space on the strings of a veena

Hari Vrndavn Sivanesan

Acclaimed artiste Hari Vrndavn Sivanesan to play in concert on 25 March, featuring genres that range from ghazals to temple music, Vedic chants to Bollywood

Let different genres of Indian and Sri Lankan music take you on a journey from Chennai to Jaffna, India to Sri Lanka. And your guide for the evening—Hari Vrndavn Sivanesan, one of UK’s most acclaimed veena artists.

Having trained under gurus in London and India, Hari was chosen by Pandit Ravi Shankar to collaborate on numerous projects including a 40-city concert tour and various CDs. He worked at a young age with the late George Harrison (the Beatles) in producing Raviji’s CDs and was invite to play at Concert for George after his passing.

In this concert on 25 March, Hari will traverse time and place to include Vedic chants from Hindu texts c 100BC, 6th Century Mann Temple music, South Indian Carnatic, ghazals, the Raj, recent folk music, and contemporary Bollywood. He will be accompanied by Fram Karbhari on the harmonium, Maal Yoganathan on the mrdangam/percussion, and Ravi Madhawan on various instruments.

Hari has toured extensively as a vocalist and veena player in the UK and Europe and has just moved to Melbourne. He is a great advocate for South Indian music and music as the language of the heart.

Hari was chosen by BBC Radio 3 as their Would Routes Mentee to produce a series of radio programs presenting Carnatic music to UK radio listeners. He mentored under Carnatic vocalist Aruna Sairam, culminating in sharing a stage with her for the first and only Carnatic (South Indian) BBC Prom in 2011, where for the first time the veena was played in the Royal Albert.

The March concert is definitely an opportunity for listeners to explore some less understood Indian musical genres.

The concert will be held at 8pm, Saturday, 25 March, at the Boite World Music Cafe, 1 Mark St. North Fitzroy. Bookings can be made at; Entry: $22, $16


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