Spacer—Your Community Marketplace for Storage Space & Parking


We know the value of community and sharing. That’s why we’ve started Spacer (, an online community where people share spare garage, parking or room space to neighbours who need somewhere to store their stuff or park their car.

If you have space, it’s a simple way to make extra money. Hosts can earn up to $2,500-$4,000 a year for their garage or car park, particularly for popular areas around Parramatta, Westmead and Inner West. You can be either an owner or renter, as long as you have space, we’ll advertise it for you. It costs nothing, and takes 15 minutes to photograph and list your space.

As a Host, you are in in control. You set the access rules, meet the renter and the items being stored. Trust is the backbone of our service and you control the process. Most of our renters use the space to store furniture, toys, documents or sports equipment or as car parks for their daily commute to work.

If you’ve looking for storage or a car park, check out the hundreds of local options we have online. The prices are significantly cheaper than traditional options, and give flexibility and convenience for your needs. We help families, small businesses and tradies solve storage or parking requirements short or long term. It’s perfect if you are between places or travelling home regularly.

We want to help build stronger communities and make more efficient use of our wasted assets—check us out at!


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