The fire within




Owner of Jai Ho Indian restaurant, Saurabh Abbott is proud of what he has achieved in a short time—especially the fact that he has opened three branches of his business at Richmond, Hoppers Crossing and Berwick.

“We started Jai Ho in 2011 and just completed our fifth year in Richmond,” says a proud Saurabh, who reached Melbourne in 2003 to do his business education at Vic Uni. “I also did commercial cookery on a professional basis, and worked several jobs before deciding to start a restaurant with mum Sunita, dad Sunil, and brother-in-law Gautam Thapar.”

With the family’s business background, Saurabh always knew this was the dream. “The challenges, success and failures are part of it. We are immune to it. It’s very rewarding to work for yourself. With business, hard work always pays off. But making the right moves at the right time is important.”

At 62, Saurabh’s mother is Jai Ho’s head chef. “She has taught us how to bring the essence of home into the restaurant—we grind our own spices. It’s extra time and effort but the flavours are outstanding.”

What sets Jai Ho apart is that they have not taken any short cuts. “Our focus has never been cheap prices and cheap ingredients. It has always been quality.”


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