$8.5 million more govt funding for aged care services


Targeted, flexible and tailored services for older Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia

Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care Ken Wyatt AM, MP, has announced more than $8.5 million in additional funding for the Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program for aged care in regional, rural and remote communities.

“Australia’s population is ageing rapidly so it’s imperative that we structure our aged care system so it is flexible, provides great er choice, is people-centred and sustainable,” MinisterWyatt said.

“No matter where people live, aged care services must be available to communities across the nation and in all its diversity. It’s important that older people with increasing or complex care needs are able to stay close to loved ones and where they have established community ties,” he added.

The MPS Program is a jointly funded Commonwealth and state and territory government initiative providing integrated health and aged care services to small regional, rural and remote communities.

The new funding includes: the establishment of new services in Bamaga and Richmond (Queensland); 45 additional places across 12 services in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia; and an increase in funding to deliver a higher level of care for 156 places across 28 services in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.

“People are staying healthy and active for longer and the aged care system has to adapt to that reality,” Minister Wyatt said. “The Australian Government’s aged care reforms are built on the core principle that people are the centre of the system – and individual consumers, now and in the future, must be able to choose the kind of care and support they need, where and when they need it,” he added.

The additional MPS Program funding will benefit those in the smaller regional, rural or remote communities by addressing their specific aged care needs. “In the past, the provider made all the decisions, now individual consumers have the choice,” he said.


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