Roast to coast




Raju Mehra was working as an executive chef with Punjab tourism in Delhi when he decided to move to Australia to start a business here.

He came over and set up Bengal Tiger in South Melbourne back in 1982.

“There were about 50 Indians in Melbourne then,” he says. “You could not find any Indian around.”

Raju says he had to educate the Australian clientele about Indian cuisine. “Bengal Tiger was one of about four Indian restaurants. They would eat only curried sausages. Now, they are aware of the regional cuisines.”

In 1996, he sold the hugely popular Bengal Tiger to move across the bridge and start Indian Roast, which was at the time, the only Indian restaurant in Wyndham.

He says he chose the western suburbs because South Melbourne was close to the western suburbs and a lot of the clientele were from here.

Raju has been in the business for over 40 years and he’s been in the same area which means he now gets to see the second generation come through his doors. “And that’s quite special because I’m very involved with the local community. There are a lot of milestones to celebrate.”


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