Youth trump card of Samajwadi Party—Pankhuri Pathak

Youth trump card of Samajwadi Party-ankhuri Pathak

With the Election Commission in India announcing polling dates for Uttar Pradesh (UP), and other four states ꟷ the electoral battle being dubbed as “Semi-Finals” before the 2019 National elections may throw in some unexpected results.

Though Punjab, Goa, Uttara Khand and Manipur would also be hotly contested battles, the sheer size of UP’s population and number of seats make it the most significant political battle in Indian democracy.

Despite family tussles, the Australian educated Chief Minister Hon. Akhilesh Yadav has succeeded in emerging out a clear winner, with clean image and firm authority over the Samajwadi Party. Mr Yadav retains his popularity amongst the youth voters, and has been focussing on development as the main issue for being re-elected.

Hon. Mayawati from Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) would be hoping to walk away with all the secular votes going her way ꟷ the infighting in Yadav clan may or may not boost her electoral fortunes. Hon. Mayawati is also taking help and advice from Melbourne educated Mr Ranjan Verma, who did a brief stint with ANZ Bank as well.

The BJP would be riding high on demonetisation and surgical strikes, but are yet to declare a Chief Ministerial candidate.

The Congress does not seem to be giving much fight, and the much publicised hiring of high profile Political Strategist Mr Prashant Kishor has hardly improved their popularity. The quicker Congress hires a new political strategist, the better it would be placed for 2019 elections.

Kishor has been a total flop show in the state that matters the most. Kishor’s insistence on a Brahmin face as Chief Ministerial candidate has not got along well with the UP’s youth who seem to be getting tired of non-progressive politics. Kishor did nothing to target the young voters, and he was not able to work harmoniously with the local Congress party workers.

The Youth vote would matter the most in UP. The youth in UP wants to rise above caste, religion etc. ꟷ and wants development, stability and harmony in the state. That is where the Australian educated CM Mr Yadav has made some smart moves and investments, while other parties are yet to come up with any strong strategy to target the youth voters.


Photo caption: Pankhuri Pathak and Nitin Gupta

And Pankhuri Pathak ꟷ the young and talented National Spokesperson of Samajwadi Party is emerging as the Youth Face that is working in favour of Mr Yadav ꟷ winning accolades even in the sections that have not been traditional supporters of Samajwadi Party.

Young Pankhuri is often seen debating on the National TV with various political opponents ꟷ some of whom may be fifty or more years her senior in age. She is challenging conventions, and the youth are loving this new breath of fresh air which Pankhuri brings along to the Indian politics.

Miss World Australia National Finalist Rashi Kapoor comments, “Pankhuri is definitely the girl to watch out in future. Hope to see more youth leaders across all the Indian political parties.”

Comments Former Ministerial Adviser Mr Nitin Gupta “The social media has become an important factor in Indian politics. And tech savvy politicians like Mr Naveen Jindal, Mrs Khushbu Sundar, Mrs Priyanka Chaturvedi, Miss Pankhuri Pathak and others would play a very significant role in future Indian electoral battles.”


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