Power of two




Pratik Sarsavadiya, along with Vijan Patel, is the backbone of the Pentagon group, which has a comprehensive line of boutique real estate investment and management services considered amongst the most reliable in the Victorian market.

Pratik came to Australia in 2010 to do his Master’s in engineering. He met with Vijan around that time and the two worked together on various business ventures, from a Subway franchise to their current real estate endeavour.

“From the very beginning we knew that our partnership would work,” he says. “As for the name Pentagon—I’m not a very creative person and Vijan came up with the name and it’s been good for us so far.”

As director of Pentagon, Pratik says everyday is a challenge. “Sometimes we don’t know what challenge is going to be thrown our way each day. One just has to be innovative in dealing with the problems of the day ahead.”

His biggest strength is the strong partnership he has with Vijan. “We complement each other because we know we have different strengths,” he says. “One person’s strengths complements the other person’s weakness. This is great for personal growth as well.”


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