Colour me Holi


Werribee Race Course will get 50 shades of sensational this March

More than 15,000 people from all walks of life will descend on Werribee, Racecourse on 11 March 2017 for the Holi Festival of Colours, hosted by Festivals of South Asia INC.

With many sponsors on board all supporting the project, the organisers, led by FOSAI secretary Hari Yellina is working hard at setting an electric mood. This event offers many opportunities to locals and business enterprises. To the local, it offers a place where many activities will be taking place that will enhance multi-culture and reduce ethnicity.

To business enterprises at Werribee, Racecourse festivals, stall will be available for people to showcase their goods and services to thousands of participants and even tourist who will grace the occasion. This is the best promising and perfect opportunity to promote your business and reap the benefits from this chance.

Whether you like jewelry, or traditional dresses and henna tattoos, all will be available at this festival. If you are either a novice or seasoned foodie, this is the place to be. Don’t forget, you can come in as an ordinary person and walk out either a business champion or spectacular participant.

When: 11th March 2017, 11.00 am – 8.00 pm


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