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Jaswinder’s first exposure to Australia was the cold climes of Canberra while pursuing his masters. He took the first chance he could get to move to Melbourne. The weather—however temperamental it may be—is what Jaswinder likes best about Melbourne.

“There were not many people in turbans around Melbourne when I first got here and it was quite common to stop and chat if we saw another person with a turban on the street,” he says.

When he came to Australia in 1996, he was already a successful engineer in Chandigarh. It was pure chance that got him to Australia. He was helping out a family member get some forms when he decided that he would apply as well.

He got a job with telecom company Ericsson in 1998 and that’s when he met the people with whom he would found the Australian of Institute of Technical Training.

“None of us were from a business background. The biggest challenge was the money. We did not have the capital—some of it came from parents and some from our savings. My wife Lovleen helped me through the tough times,” says Jaswinder, the company’s HR and finance director, and adds he could not have done it without her or his children Khushleen and Jaskirit.


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