Making Waves




Harman Singh came from India with his best friend from childhood Jasdeep Chug.

Harman and Jasdeep go back a long way. “I was standing in the bus and he was sitting when he offered me the seat. Something clicked. We’ve worked together since.”

They started their migration agency with a very specific motive. “We always wanted to join this industry because students and migrants were being misguided as they did not have access to accurate information.”

They thought about a name for the business for a while and then, while they were driving along the beach, it hit them like a wave, literally—and Waves Consultancy came into being.

Today, they handle different areas of the business. But there is a trust there that is very unique. “Everyday, even if we are in different places, we call or meet and get update everyday.” They know what the other person is doing and do not really interfere but meet or talk to sound out ideas with each other. “There have been no rules… that’s just the way we are. People envy us. It’s unbelievable. Even real brothers don’t stay together like this.”

They are also lucky that they got partners who respect this relationship. “Our wives have also respected our friendship. They never interfere.”


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  1. They are liar! Told you that nothing to worry and took money from you, but they don’t even know what visa is eligible for clients.

    Finally I did search about visa options by myself and they don’t even have idea what that visa condition is.

    Very unprofessional!

    I Required money back, they just ignored and the agent called Jasdeep Singh(right side of photography) disappear like forever, pretty nasty.

    Then I went to another consultancy and mentioned my experience with Waves Consultancy, what a surprised that there are a lot of complaints about them, and other visa applicant told me that the agents from Waves Consultancy are not honest!

    Guys, we struggle a lot for study and work in Australia, if you have a dream to settle or study here,
    Do not put your time and money in risk with bad agency! They took your blood and play with your future.

    Guys, watch out this Waves Consultancy!
    Do Not trust them.

    My sincerely advise.

  2. Whoever is checking this review, stay away from this Waves Consultancy. They are the worst agency I have ever met.
    The agent whose name is Jasdeep Chug, do not trust him. This guy submitted all my files without checking if all documents are eligible and made my application refused.

    He did over charge me for the fee, lied about that I need to do skill assessment for my application, so I paid the fee. However he never done skill assessment for me, and I ringed to Immigration office, the staff told me that I don’t even need a skill assessment for my application.

    After refusal. I couldn’t reach him in his office in last a couple of month, made appointment he never showed up. he said that he is busy. Excuse me? when he wanted money from my pocket, he never be busy.

    When we required money back from this Jasdeep Chug, he acted pretty nasty and told me and my partner that he DOES KILL people, and he can make us not getting any visa in Australia.

    This agent Jasdeep Chug, has no idea how to lodge visa, barely has knowledge about immigration rule, did everything DODGE. very unprofessional.

    Save your money, your time and your future. Bad agent will ruined your life. Stay away from this Waves Consultancy and this liar JASDEEP CHUG.

    If you have to deal with this Jasdeep Chug, get solid evidence, whatever he said just record it. I can guarantee you whatever he said is not guarantee, he is nothing but a liar.