Seeking a home, finding a world




I am an army brat, hence the spirit of adventure, courage and perseverance, says Amita Gill, a teacher from India who came to Australia “many moons ago” to establish the Victorian Institute of Culinary Arts and Technology (VICAT).

VICAT now has campuses in Melbourne and Kerang, success, which Amita says is thanks to her family’s support. “My husband has been my rock of Gibraltar,” she says.

“Life in Australia has had its ups and downs but, undoubtedly, it’s been good to us,” says Amita, who was nominated by the Liberal Party for the seat of Bundoora in 2014.

“I do a lot of community work in Melbourne and Kerang and am involved in philanthropic projects overseas. I believe in paying back to a society that’s been good to us,” says Amita, who organised a mutual cultural respect training session by Dr Manjula O’Connor of the Australasian Centre for Human Rights and Health at VICAT in 2015. “I wanted to make my students, especially the ones from overseas, aware of the laws pertaining to domestic violence and gender inequality,” she says.

A sense of belonging is a great motivation and it makes her feel blessed to be living in Australia, says Amita, who lives in Docklands.


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