Dreamer with a gameplan




Alpana is the manager at the Williamstown branch of Bendigo Bank. But she is so much more than that. “A mother, an event manager, as well as full-time bank manager is what best describes me,” she says.

Alpana is a leader, visionary and planner. With more than 10 years of banking experience up her sleeve, she takes great pride in her work-life balance.

Her dream is to become one of the most influential women in Australia and she is aware that this requires a plan. And Alpana is not without one.

“Sitting idle is not my game as I am always on to new challenges,” she says.

The Project Gods is an event management company that Alpana started with the aim of setting up a profitable, socially responsible company.

While the Project God gives 50 per cent of the proceeds to various charitable causes, in between her job and company, Alpana has run banking workshops for refugee women to empower them with knowledge of Australian financial systems.

“I believe in making things happen, and that cannot be achieved from a couch. I strive to be one of the most influential women in Australia and every day is taking me one step closer to it.”


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