What do the Titanic and Bollywood have in common?

What do the Titanic and Bollywood have in common?

Find out on 11 December as the most famous ship in history takes a trip down Bollywood boulevard

On Sunday, 11 December, Green & Gold and The Indian Sun are hosting their inaugural event at the Titanic Theatre Restaurant in Williamstown.

The Titanic found its way into the history books—but not for the reasons it’s builders had in mind. The ship—a floating city, took to the sea in 1912, on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. This voyage, the journey of a lifetime, attracted those who wanted to experience this maiden trip, those who wanted to be aboard this luxury ship, and those who were in search of a better life in the United States.

On the night of Sunday, 14 April 1912, when the sea was calm, the sky clear and moonless, and nothing could take away from the magic of this trip of a lifetime, the temperature dropped significantly—Sea Ice floating in the area became impossible to detect and then the unimaginable happened. At 11.40pm the warning of imminent danger came too late, and the Titanic hit an iceberg. The rest is history and has been acted out on the screen, written about in books, and lives on as a disaster of epic proportions.

Boarding the “Titanic” in Williamstown though, is as close as you will get to the “real” deal, but “disaster” has been replaced with “fun”. The Titanic Restaurant is as much loved for its entertainment as it is for the food it serves.

Now the Titanic is heading in a different direction with a little twist in flavour. Bollywood is coming to the Titanic and Green and Gold is bringing it there! Come dressed as yourself or in costume and see how the Titanic does it Bollywood style. Grab your sea legs and come aboard! Boarding gates open at 5.30 pm.

• Pre-dinner nibbles and mingling with the other passengers

• Non-alcoholic “Titanic” cocktails/bar also open

• 3-course meal (a chance to meet the Captain)

• Bollywood/with a “Titanic” twist

• Stories of adventure and intrigue all delivered in an atmosphere of frivolity

• Sponsors to be announced

• Ticket Price $90 pp

For more information on tickets contact Kathie 0475 471872 or email kathie@indiansun.com.au or Sid 0424 934 804 or email sid@indiansun.com.au


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