Volunteer-driven Afghan school hopes to enable students to develop bi-cultural identity

Volunteer-driven Afghan school hopes to enable students to develop bi-cultural identity

Andisha Community Language School (ACLS), a non-profit organisation, open to all Afghans, has had a great impact on the community in Melbourne. The main purpose of the school is to teach Dari Language to school aged children in the Australian Afghan community in Melbourne.

With a few other Dari schools already operating in the city of Greater Dandenong and Casey, the management committee of the association of Hazaras’ in Victoria decided to establish the school in July 2010. The association’s outstanding track record of social/cultural activities and the rapidly growing population of the Afghan Community in south east Melbourne were the main reasons for some members of the Afghan community to approach the association, requesting for the establishment of ACLS.

ACLS is a school for pursuing knowledge, moral principles and teamwork. The school operates every Saturday from 9.30am to 1pm with volunteer teachers and staff.

With the vision to be the leading school for the Dari language and Afghan culture, and providing outstanding educational and cultural programs in a caring environment that enable students to excel by reaching their full potential and developing the finest bi-cultural identity, ACLS has demonstrated all this and more. The school has received tremendous appreciation from the community that has enabled the staff to continue their commitment and engagement to teaching the students. Community schools bring together many partners to offer a range of supports and opportunities to children, youth, families, and communities and schools like ACLS are a gift to the community.


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