India’s largest movement against animal abuse on 18 September

India’s largest movement against animal abuse on 18 September

Campaign to be held IN 70 cities worldwide; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane to join in

Thousands of citizens from across the globe have come together under a single banner—India Unites For Animals (IUFA)—a citizens’ initiative and the largest ever animal rights movement in the world, to demand introduction of a new Animal Welfare Bill to replace old archaic animal welfare laws in India.

In a never-before display of strength and purpose, we will take to the streets in a peaceful, massive synchronised campaign to launch the IUFA movement simultaneously in over70 cities across eight countries in five continents on 18 September. In cities of US, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Nepal, few issues have agitated Indians so much as animal abuse has now, triggered by the spew of violent acts unleashed against animals by individuals, corporates, municipalities, officials and authorities.

Many cases such as the way a young puppy was flung from the terrace of a building or newborn puppies burnt alive and captured live on video by the perpetrators themselves, acid attacks on animals, increase in beef and leather exports making India number one in beef and number five in leather, proposal to open a new, largest-in-Asia animal testing lab, endangered species like penguins being brought to zoos, and culling of wildlife are all evidence to show how these acts have become points of social flaunting, administrative greed and of people showing shocking disregard or fear of law. Adding agony to this is the fact that animal activists struggle to get complaints lodged and culprits arrested, and finally see them walking away with fines less than AU$2 which is a shame!

India Unites For Animals is not a single day event, but the beginning of a movement to force changes in the country and society. Ever since the idea was mooted, the movement has received thousands of endorsements, promise of support from all quarters, including celebrities, large names in animal activism and welfare like the Humane Society International, and hundreds of NGOs, shelters and activists from all over the country and abroad! A clear signal to India to wake up to the need of the hour and recognise the might of the combined strength of animal lovers.

Details of event locations in Australia are as follows:

Venue: Westfield Pitt Street Mall
Time: 11am to 1pm
More info:

Venue: Federation Square, St. Paul’s Court
Time: 1pm to 3pm
More info:

Venue: South Bank Parklands
Time: 11am to 1pm
More info:


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