Melbourne Bengali Association to host annual Durgotsov in October

Durga Puja Indian event in Melbourne

Melbourne Bengali Association (MELBA) is celebrating its biggest yearly event, the “Annual Durgotsov” on 8 and 9 October at Mossfiel Primary School, Langridge Drive, Hoppers Crossing.

Being a multi-cultural, multi-religious society, festivals in India occupy an important place in the cultural mosaic of the country, bringing utmost joy and happiness to all. They also imbibe noble values of peace and harmony, human compassion and dignity, universal brotherhood along with self-less service to society.

Durga puja is a very important place Hindu festival as Goddess Durga is an embodiment and personification of all virtues, intelligence, power and mercy and epitomises the victory of good over evil. It’s a matter of pride that MELBA has been celebrating Durga Puja every year showcasing traditional music and dance performed by local members. There is also a three-course dinner served at 9pm.

MELBA is also celebrating Kali Pujo on the eve of Diwali, 29 October, as well as Saraswati Pujo (Goddess of education and knowledge) in February 2017.

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