Songs, chants and Chataka Chataka dances take centerstage at VHP Sanskrit school annual day

Songs, chants and Chataka Chataka dances take centerstage at VHP Sanskrit school annual day

The annual day functions of Vishva Hindu Parishad’s Sanskrit School Bala Samskar Kendra (BSK) and Sydney Veda Patasala (SVP)—recognised by the Education Department of NSW as a community language programme—were celebrated on 3 September at Castle Hill High School.

Mr Subramanian Ramamoorthi JP, President of VHP Australia, was invited to give a speech at the event, in which he emphasised the importance of the guru with the analogy that the teacher is a director and the students performers. He also pointed out that students these days were showing an interest in Sanskrit related activities.

While Jayanthi Thilak, Joint General Secretary, gave the welcome address, a child from each branch of the school was called on stage for the inaugural lighting of the lamp to glorify “Light is Knowledge”. The audience was then told about the objectives and activities of VHP highlighting the Hindu Dharma Scripture classes in NSW Public schools and the Sanskrit classes conducted at BSK and SVP.


The cultural performances commenced with BSK Ponds vedic chanting underlining the benefits of chanting through vibrations which act as a therapy to calm the mind. Aaditya Bajad from BSK Waitara and Hornsby South group recited Ganesha Stotram followed by various other Sanskrit stotrams by the entire group.

BSK Carlingford then presented Sanskrit number song ‘Ekam Ekam’ which was informative. This was followed by the performance of BSK Toongabbie chanting Bhagavat Gita chapter 15 which portrayed Lord Krishna advising Arjuna how to keep the mind calm in ‘Sukha and Dukha’ and how important it is to perceive these moods equally.

The tiny tots of BSK Nuwarra performed a Chataka Chataka dance, an adorable performance about the spontaneous relationship of children connecting with nature. Children from BSK Toongabbie portrayed Bhagwan Rama’s life from childhood to marriage, termed as “Nama Ramayanam” about the importance of Bhagawan Vishnu and Vishnu Sahasranamam.

BSK Homebush recited Ganesh Pancharathnam, a 2,000-year-old Sanskrit poem composed by Adi Shankaracharya addressing Bhagawan Ganesha.

BSK Waitara and Hornsby South portrayed the story of Gajendra Moksha which reiterated the importance of Bhakthi, and then continued on to their next performance, Madhurashtakam describing the lovely attributes of Krishna.

The drama, ‘Uttaradaayitva’ from BSK Nuwarra came next. The play explained the significance of setting and working towards a goal. BSK Carlingford presented Ganesha Dwadashanam comprising shlokas praising Bhagwan Ganesha. SVP Carlingford and Homebush recited Narayana Suktam worshiping Lord Narayana. BSK Ponds presented Thiruvathira dance, a popular folk dance of Kerala. This was followed by BSK Pond’s drama illustrating Sanskrit usage on different occasions.

There were several other wonderful performances too that kept the evening alive. Akila Ramarathinam, General Secretary of VHP Australia, was called upon for the closing address, and she thanked everyone for their great effort, valuable support and contribution to make the event a great success. She added that it was encouraging that Vedic chanting has been declared as the “World’s intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO”.

The event closed with the Samskrutam song ‘Samkritena Sambhasham Kuru’ sung by children from all branches of BSK.


What’s next from VHP

Vishnu Sahasranama Lakshaarchana will be held in September and a three-day children’s camp in October. Visit and to register.

BSK and SVP classes are being conducted in many suburbs in Sydney. Visit the website or contact for more information.

For Veda classes and Vishnu Sahasranamam classes at Vedic Center contact

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