Kim Wells visits Nirankari Complex in New Delhi


Parliamentarian offered condolences to Her Holiness Mata Savinder HardevJi as well as spent the day learning about Sant Nirankari Mission and its activities

On 18 July, Hon Kim Wells, State member for Rowville in Victoria, Australia, visited the Nirankari Complex in New Delhi to pay condolences to Her Holiness Mata Savinder HardevJi as well as learn know more about the mission and its activities.

Mr Wells arrived at the Sant Nirankari Public School, Nirankari Colony, being run by the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation. He was welcomed by the Holy Daughter Rev. Sudikshaji, whom Kim had met on her last visit to Australia and had rather invited him to India.


Photo caption: Kim at Nirankari Complex

The Foundation is administering over a dozen such institutes including two colleges also. Mr Wells spoke to the students at a meeting organised in the playground. After this, he met a few primary school children followed by a visit to various classes accompanied by Rev. Sudikshaji, Principal of the school Poonam Sayal and other staff members, where he interacted with the budding stars of tomorrow. Mr Wells motivated the students to do well in their lives through smart methods of studying. He was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and intelligence of the youngsters. He also took time to visit the science labs, language lab and the computers lab.

Mr Wells then visited the Nirankari Community Meal Hall and Store where he saw numerous volunteers’ sisters doing their service. He asked them about their purpose of doing the service, and was left speechless when he heard that it was to follow the words and teachings of their Lord Master. He even posted a picture with the volunteers’ sisters on his Facebook page, sharing how he felt “blissful” looking at the selfless service of the volunteers in the mission.

Mr Wells had lunch with the Rev. Sudikshaji and other volunteers at the Nirankari Office Complex. After the lunch, he visited various administrative sections of the Mission and met the associated members in charge. He even visited the Nirankari Studio and shared his thoughts in an interview to the News Divine team.

From the office complex, Mr Wells went to the Nirankari Sarovar, where he first visited the museum, ‘Journey Divine’. The volunteers present on duty explained him about the philosophy and ideology of the Mission, which truly impressed him. This was followed by an interactive session with a select group of youngsters from the Mission belonging to different backgrounds varying from high school students to college students to working professional. The discussions on sociology, politics, religion and spirituality were so engrossing that no one realised that it was tea time.


Photo caption: Kim at Nirankari School

After a short break, the youngsters presented a few English and Sufi songs which included many messages of His Holiness Nirankari Baba Hardev Singhji. The musical evening was enjoyed by everyone present. In the concluding part of the evening, Mr Wells was taken to the ‘Fountain of Oneness’ where the entire show was specially played for him.

Mr Wells was fortunate to have a special audience with Her Holiness Mata Savinder Hardevji at the Nirankari Bhawan. He expressed his grief over the sudden departure of the mortal form of His Holiness Babaji. He was then presented with some souvenirs from the Nirankari Publications by HH Mataji and the Holy Daughter Sudikshaji. Mr Wells then took the blessings of HH Mataji with a promise to meet soon, and departed for his next destination with fond and blissful memories of the spiritual day spent at the Nirankari Complex.

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