In your comfort zone?


Sorry to break it to you, but entrepreneurs don’t get comfortable

It is well known within the entrepreneurship world that a comfort zone is not an option. Feeling stuck and playing it safe are things that by the end of the day, will end up in the little voice inside of you pleading for a change, getting louder and louder till the point you can’t ignore it anymore.

It all boils down to a very simple concept based on two of the six core needs of human nature. When you play in the comfort zone your life will be full of certainty, which eventually will create a huge need for variety. You can surpass these needs in two different ways—“resourcefully” or “non-resourcefully”.

“Resourcefully” is when you look for a change in life, like an adventure, embracing a new extra-curricular activity or even learning to play a new instrument; which definitely gets you out of your comfort zone. On the other hand, “Non-resourcefully” is inviting chaos to your life, adding a bit of drama, which is probably something unusual but not on a good note; like losing your phone or getting frustrated at things beyond your control.

If you are an entrepreneur you will find the following statements very familiar, although it is always good to have a reminder every now and then; if you aren’t one and you are interested in moving out of your comfort zone, here’s what you need.


• Look constantly for challenges.

In order to overcome a challenge you will need to learn something new, go beyond your limit to reach to that level that will allow you to make it through. Embracing challenge is embracing change. Put yourself into uncomfortable positions that require you to turn off your “Auto Pilot”.


• It’s all about WHY.

WHY do you get out of bed? WHY do you do one thing and not the other? When you have a very clear and powerful WHY, obstacles will become opportunities and failure will be nothing but learning. Follow your passion, follow your heart and always keep in mind that vision, perseverance and patience will be great allies.


• You and your mindset.

If you keep thinking the same way, you will keep making the same decisions and therefore your results would be the same. It’s all about your mindset, what you feed will reap, if you don’t feed your mind the essentials, you won’t be having what it takes to do the right things. If you don’t change your mind to become the person you need to be to achieve your goals, it will never happen. Hey, it’s already not happening, does it make sense?


• Resistance to change.

Fear is a natural response to the unknown. Letting it grow will not do any good. Fear should never be stronger than your own will. You get frightened because you just don’t realise what’s going to happen, be it good or not, this is certainly beyond our sight and is pointless worrying about it. What can you be sure of is that if you wanted to do it but you did not because of fear. That question of “What if?” that nags in your thoughts will be a burden you will never be able to get rid of.


• Decision making patterns.

The smallest of decisions we make will define our life, and purely based on habits. Acquiring new habits in your life and following them on a regular basis, you tend to become more receptive of being comfortable with something you’ve always been uncomfortable with. Later on you will find it easier to adapt to new things in your life.


• Take baby steps.

Make small changes and attempt new things in life, like using a different route to go to work and brushing your teeth with the other hand. These little things are easy to do and will make you feel more familiar with variety. You don’t try to build the Great Wall, you just make sure that every day you will lay down one brick the best way possible, master the day and you will end up building the best wall you could have ever made.

Follow this advises, surround yourself with positive people; those who challenge you and inspire you, be patient, be brave, be courageous, stop worrying about what other people think and remember, getting out of your comfort zone won’t mean that you will lose what you already have and know, it only means that you will expand it, you will grow.

The writer is founder of Zapata. To become a better version of yourself and get out of your comfort zone, contact him at

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