Got a dream, need a plan?

daniel zapata

If you’re an entrepreneur with that question on your mind, welcome to Zapata

Been thinking of your performance levels?  Want to start something new? Still waiting for that “idea”?  Wondering what’s next?  Where to go? Whom to ask support for?

Zapata believes in helping and supporting young and new entrepreneurs on their journey to success, making a difference in one’s life. The company’s vision is to make a positive impact on the market where all different kinds of entrepreneurs get recognition for their different abilities, skills and talents.

Everything starts when “dream and will” meets “experience and vision”. Zapata is a foundation established with a group of industry professionals teamed up to mentor and coach young aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to help them reach their ultimate goals.

Founder of Zapata Mr Daniel Zapata believes that a person’s ultimate goal lies within their reach. There is greatness in everyone and life, more than finding oneself, is about creating oneself. And YES, it is possible, to create anything you want, it is happening here right now, you don’t need to look somewhere else.

Zapata is his dream come true and he believes that entrepreneurship is a great path to become a better version of yourself. Zapata is meant for everyone, to support you and to work with you, united, as a community, to create your own experience, to live your own journey. Zapata runs a series of events and workshops, which you can find on their Facebook, Instagram and on their website; or mail them at

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