Noble Nowman wants models to be social crusaders

Noble Nowman wants models to be social crusaders

Model of the Year Awards set up to help children affected by violence, says Nowman Kareem

Nowman Kareem, the architect behind Brides of Asia, has launched a charity organisation to support vulnerable children. In a noble gesture, Kareem wants to bring together models and designers to extend a ‘helping hand’ for causes that help children victimised by violence.

“Helping Hands Foundation Australia” is a new initiative by my associates and me to lend a helping hand to children who are affected by violence. Whether it’s war or domestic violence, children are affected by extreme situations and we are rallying stylists, models, designers to work for a common cause, to be social crusaders,” announced Kareem on 24 July following a fund-raising event at the Kensington Hall.

Kareem is hosting the best model of the year awards at the India Day event in Epping on 14 August. Each contestant for the best model award will raise funds which will be then donated to an organisation at the India Day function. “The awards is based on online voting and each person who votes will contribute 25 cents to the contestant they support. We will give each contestant an opportunity to raise funds and donate,” detailed Kareem on the proposed awards program.

Kareem plans to rally models to generate funds for children affected by violence and abuse ran into a hiccup in the initial days. “I don’t know why there was a controversy over a noble cause. I did my best to reassure everyone in the fray that we will do the right thing and donate every cent, clarified Kareem.

To allay any fears of misappropriation of funds, Kareem will make the accounts open on India Day and get the accounts audited each year. Kareem has promised to facilitate to donate the funds to a leading organisation working with children affected by domestic violence in Melbourne. “We are still working our details with an organisation and will have names ready. Our purpose is to donate and help our models rally for a cause. Not to siphon money out.”

Nowman assured the community that every single dollar will be rightfully donated on behalf of the winning model on India Day to an organisation working with children affected by domestic violence.

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