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Financial adviser Amarjit Dhot says he approaches all aspects of his life, whether business of sports, with the same motto – to serve

Amarjit Dhot came to Australia in 1998 as a student and completed his Masters in Business Administration from RMIT University in Melbourne. And though all plans were to return to India after the completion of his studies, the Australian way of life lured him into staying back.

He moved from Melbourne to Sydney in 2001 and started his own business in 2005. The initial years may have a struggle, but after working a few years in the finance and insurance industry, Amarjit used all the skills he had acquired and completed the mandatory qualifications to become a financial advisor.

He continued to upgrade his skills and knowledge by attaining higher qualifications. Amarjit now owns and manages a successful financial planning business from the Norwest Business Park, Norwest Financial Group Pty Ltd—a far cry from where he started back in 2005. His business motto is “Look after your clients well and they will look after your business”.

Amarjit says as a new start up he faced many challenges and biggest of all being cash flow. He had quit a stable job with a good salary package to start from scratch. But these challenges did not deter his enthusiasm or his determination. It took him a few years to build up the business and establish important referral networks.

He never compromised with quality of the service he provided and this brought him rich dividends in form of customer goodwill. Amarjit says, “My happy clients have provided me the biggest promotion by way of word of mouth publicity. No amount of money could have bought that,” he says.

In his line of work, Amarjit has had to work with clients in both their moments of joy and moments of grief. He says that there is so much happiness when his clients successfully buy their first homes and he becomes part of the biggest financial moment in their lives. “Then there is the sad part where a loved one has passed away and we lodge the insurance claim,” says Amarjit, who recently received the ‘Blue Award’ at the state level awards night organised by AMP Financial Planning.

Being a sports enthusiast from childhood, Amarjit is actively involved in keeping the traditional game of Kabaddi alive among Indians in Sydney. He is a member and the Secretary of Dashmesh Sports Club that provides an opportunity for the new Indian Australian generation to learn about this traditional Indian sport. In 1988, he represented Punjab in the National Junior Athletics Championships and won a gold and silver medal. The medal was presented to him by the Flying Sikh Milkha Singh, which he considers one of the proudest moments in his life.

Amarjit is currently the Vice President of GOPIO (Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin), an organisation that provides a platform for people of Indian origin to build connections and acts as their lobby group in liaising with Indian organisations. It also organises social and cultural events to promote Indian culture. “I am a firm believer in giving back to the community,” says Amarjit. And it shows.

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