Indians to gather with Tricolour at Fed Square on Friday

Indians to gather with Tricolour at Fed Square on Friday

‘If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don’t like’ — Noam Chomsky

Today, the world seems to be redefining ‘Freedom of speech’ by trying to right the wrong with hidden political agendas. Looking at the current incidents in India, political and ideological differences have taken a new turn at the cost of national integrity and security.

It has never happened that the Opposition in India has stood against national integrity to get back into power, but the recent incidents are disgraceful. On one side, India is in the global race to be a superpower, and on the other there is thriving communism. The time has come to spot the mole and clear it for a better tomorrow.

An enemy on the other side of the border is less dangerous than the enemy within the country. Can there be a worse nightmare than when students in the capital city of Delhi are protesting against India, calling terrorists martyrs and supporting pro Kashmir separatists.

While our soldiers are shedding blood on the border, only to get wrapped in the Tricolour after they perish, journalists and profit-making news channels are conducting debates on whether India should unfurl the Tricolour in all her universities. I haven’t seen anything darker than this, anything sadder than this, it’s a direct insult to the families of soldiers who laid down their lives for the country, it’s an insult to every soldier who is guarding the nation, it’s an insult of every Indian.

This incident has not only hurt the feeling of Indians within India, but all over the world. Here in Melbourne, which is bustling with young migrants from India, filled with nationalist hope, we are deeply concerned about the ignominy of the nation. A group of professionals are standing with the Tricolour at Fed Square on Friday (5.30 pm onwards) to show that Indians are united by the flag and we stand by our soldiers and our martyrs and every single Indian who believes in the integrity of our nation India.

Join us on Friday for ‘Bharat’, and let Melbourne show the world that we don’t let our Tricolour down. Jai Hind


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