Chef, Banker, Educationist Travel Counsellor: Rohit Gupta


Rohit Gupta is an entrepreneur in the truest sense. He arrived in Melbourne in mid-1999 and earned his Advanced Diploma for Hospitality Management, after which he completed his MBA specialising in marketing, banking and international finance. While working in the banking industry, Rohit, along with his mentor, his (now late) father-in-law Ravi Wason, who was a world-renowned Executive Chef. The two started ‘Indiralia Grill House’, a concept restaurant that combined both Indian and Western cooking techniques and flavours.

Another organisation that Rohit established is The L.E.A.D Partners – an education and training consultancy that delivers various programs both within Australia but also internationally in India and Samoa.

Steering a dream. In 2012, Rohit combined his passion for cooking and travelling and started Travel and Taste, a boutique travel company that focuses on luxury travel in India. It is his passion for travel, food, adventure, and respect for people’s culture, their traditions and heritage, as well as the sense of community that propelled him to establish these ventures.

Rohit says his multiple years of experience in the hospitality industry (including his own Grill House), Banking (at Executive level), Education (at Federal Government level) and Travel (his own Travel and Taste), have helped chisel and sustain his dream.


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