Behind the wheel: ROHIT SAINI


A self-made successful businessman, Rohit Saini is the perfect example for the next generation of entrepreneurs that fortunes can be made with very little start-up capital. The CEO and founder of Medallion Group Pty Ltd, he is the first Indian to start a franchise group in Australia in the car wash industry. He started Medallion Hand Car wash franchise business in 2009, when he was only 25 years old. Today his company is among the only three car wash franchise groups operating in Australia. The experience and knowledge he gained from running and managing a car wash franchise group and a part of which involves building and construction gave him enough experience to venture into property development and real estate in year 2012.

“Dream it, plan it and do it”. That’s the mantra, says Rohit, that he follows. In 2003, after completing Bachelors in Business Administration (HONS) from Delhi University, Rohit got a job with the Birla Group (India), but after a year decided to move to Australia to complete his Master’s in Business from Victoria University. But even after the right education and experience, Rohit found he was refused employment and classified as over qualified, but with his determination, he finally got a break in 2007 at a construction company. The urge to do something for himself, however, made him quit his job and start Medallion.

In addition to his busy life, Rohit enjoys organising local fundraisers for projects in India. “I believe life and work goes hand in hand and we should always contribute to the community,” he says. His love towards animals made him closely associated with animal rescue charities. He also supports local sporting clubs as he has always been enthusiastic about sports, even having played cricket for Werribee Centrals club in 2013.


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