Spice route: Uvaraja Hariramakrishnan (Raja)


Raja, the Managing Director of Sabi Foods International, says that as a mechanical engineer, it was “a strange feeling” when he got an opportunity to get into a masala (spices) business, especially after finishing his MBA degree. “But I would never close on any opportunity that knocked at my door. When I got into this business 16 years ago, I did not know the difference between toor and channa dal, but now we have created a brand name for dals,” says Raja.

My vision, my mission. “My vision was to make our brand ‘Pattu’ available in every Indian house in Australia, making it the single largest ethnic food brand in the country,” says Raja. The journey, he says, was a struggle – it is even now — but creating the right team with the right focus was his recipe for success. “With the fast pace of working life, convenience food is becoming a need and that for me is the start of my new brand ‘Sabrini’, bringing tasty food with authenticity and convenience,” says Raja.

My mantra for life. “In business, I work for only for tomorrow but in my personal life I live in the present,” says Raja.


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